“I Will Meet You There”–Attempts and Scribbles in the Poetry World

My father writes poems. He does not write for money, he does not write for praise; he writes because the written word makes him happy. Writing is a way to express yourself, a way to blow off steam, a way to appreciate the world you live in and the people in your life. While casual writing is new for me, I feel that I take after my Dad in my enjoyment of it.

Following in his footsteps, I have tried something totally new…I have written a poem. I was not sure where it was going when I started, but the words just fell from my pen. Maybe that’s all poetry really is–a rhythmic record of one’s stream of consciousness.

There are no fancy words and no particular poetic devices, but it is relevant to this blog, and I’d like to share it with you all. To my readers who also write, I would love some feedback. This style of writing is new to me, but one I’d like to continue exploring.

Here goes….

I Will Meet You There

I feel freedom in a different way than most.

I aim the same direction but always take the long way.

I’ll meet you there.

You will get there first, but don’t wait up.

I may be bruised and dirty, but I’ll make it.

Trust me, I’ll make it.

And I’ll catch up quick.

Then you might wish you followed me.

Why do we always follow the status quo?

There are other ways to land on your feet.

Survival is important, but living is vital,

And nobody lives anymore!

We always choose the “right” path,

But who decides what is right?

Ask the people who are happy.

Ask the people with the stories and the photo albums.

It is the greatest gift, and you only get it once.

And you only get one shot.

Find the horizon and run to it.

I will meet you there.

Trust me, I’ll make it.

And I will be smiling.

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