“Where I create, there I am true.”

It has been quite a while…

It has been so long, in fact, that my fingers feel clumsy and awkward as they stumble across this keyboard, attempting to string together the jumbled, disorganized thoughts in my head. Already, I feel the lactic acid building up in my space-bar muscles… don’t forget to stretch.

I took a hiatus from my writing to take a stab at that “big girl” life everyone talks about. While writing abilities and event experience may seem like reputable and desirable qualities in an entry level candidate, I found myself too old for entry-level, too stubborn for unpaid internships, and surprisingly under-qualified for anything else. A network-marketing firm, however, was willing to work with that.

I jumped in with both feet and moved swiftly through the ranks at this new marketing firm. It was filled with 20-somethings and recent grads, like myself, wanting anything from beef on their resume to full on, full blown, till-the-day-I-die careers. I was somewhere in the middle… In eleven months, I developed my skills in event coordination, training, sales, interviewing, problem solving, and networking. While the opportunity for fame and fortune was enticing, the novelty wore off, and with it, the motivation to wake up every morning and work toward a mission for which I had little passion.

Therein was the problem: I had zero passion for our clients. I just plain didn’t give a damn about heating pads, or seaside fudge, or ceramic flatirons. Don’t get me wrong, we had cool clients… that business just wasn’t for me.

live-life-21-1That said, I did learn a thing or two while rowing with the vikings:

  1. I intend to be an incredibly wealthy woman, and I intend to retire before the crows feet set in.
  2. On that note, I intend to never have crows feet…………
  3. I love working with others. I hate working for others.
  4. 80 hours per week is too much… unless you give a damn about your mission… then it’s worth the investment.
  5. Hobbies are so important.
  6. When you write out your goals, they almost always happen… seriously, you should try it.
  7. Work in a place which does not require logo-embossed polo shirts
  8. Be respectful to sales people — they are probably working a lot harder than you ever have for way less money than you’ve ever made.
  9.  Do what you love. If you don’t love what you’re doing, it’s okay to leave.
  10. Building and maintaining relationships with people is more valuable than any training you could ever buy.

This experience was arguably one of the most influential in my professional life so far. I really did learn so much. More importantly, I discovered what kind of life I really wanted for myself and my family. I don’t care what anybody says; money is important. Only the people without money claim to not care about it.

I want a life in which money is never a worry, where bills are auto-drafted and I never have to make that god awful transfer of $23.00 from savings to checking to temporarily bridge the gap until the following “pay-day” Friday. I want a life in which I can go to the grocery store without having to think about whether the 20oz peanut butter for $4.24 or the 16oz for $3.98 is the better buy. I want a life in which I can visit my friends and family (who, by the way, live from coast-to-coast) any time I like and live in a house with huge windows and exposed ceilings and open-air floor plans.

62781ecc1475cbe5aed628d15b4dcc8dThe question is, how does a not-so-recent grad go about acquiring such a quality of life?

Frankly, I’m still in the process of figuring that one out, but here’s what I do know: We are significantly more productive when we are happy, so I will “do more of what I love, and do less of what I don’t.”  For now, I will write, and sing, and paint because that’s what I love to do, and it has been eleven months…

Never lose sight of your real passions, because in passion, you will find purpose. And, in purpose, you will find that happy place… I’ve missed you all, my loyal readers. Rounding the corner here on 700 words is feeling pretty good…

’till next time,

Xo Chels

3 thoughts on ““Where I create, there I am true.”

  1. Cheers, hon! This is an awesome return post! Certainly sucks being an adult, but I like to believe the small annoyances of today will build me to the life I really want.

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