30 Things to do Before I’m 30:

Bohemian Notebook may be a scattered blog, but many of the posts are rooted in this idea of “truly living.” Therefore, it seems appropriate to share with you all my own list of exorbitant to-do’s. I have said before, dreams deserve purpose; they deserve a plan; they deserve a deadline (before you are dead)! Maybe no one gets around to checking off an entire bucket-list, but by adding urgency, you transform dreams into goals. Consequently, you increase your likelihood of turning those dreams into real, tangible memories. So, by my 30th birthday (five and a half years away), I hope to be able to check each of these items off:


30 Things to do Before I’m 30 (in no particular order): 

Thanks www.AlexTheGirl.com for the image!

Thanks http://www.AlexTheGirl.com for the image!

  1. See Aerosmith live (before one of them dies)
  2. Write a good song…one that really moves someone
  3. Work for a summer in Alaska
  4. Volunteer with some cool animals
  5. Get avy gear/certs and snowboard some back-country
  6. Anonymously buy a stranger’s lunch
  7. Plan a few weddings (Engaged? Hit a girl up!)
  8. Write a book (even if no one wants to publish it)
  9. Take an epic U.S. roadtrip
  10. Learn how to surf…in Puerto Rico
  11. See Mount Everest in person and hike to Base Camp 1
  12. Volunteer with children somewhere awesome
  13. Mountain Bike in Utah
  14. Ride a mechanical bull
  15. Take an art/photography class
  16. Live and work in a west-coast mountain town
  17. WWOOF in Australia or New Zealand
  18. Create a recipe book of meals that I have made
  19. Do something extraordinary for a cause
  20. Coach a sport for kids who are underprivileged or disabled
  21. Learn some basic Spanish and trek the Inca Trail
  22. Create something beautiful and crafty
  23. Hike another 14er (or two or three)
  24. Meet Peyton Manning
  25. Hike the Appalachian Trail
  26. White-water raft in Montana or Wyoming
  27. Bike & Build (or something like it)
  28. Backpack across Europe (round 2)
  29. Skydive…again…
  30. Send a message in a bottle

There you have it. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “30 Things to do Before I’m 30:

  1. As someone who seems incapable of making a Bucket List, or even a “30 Things to Do” list, I admire yours. I am secretly pleased that I’ve done some of the things on yours. 🙂 You’ve inspired me to try to think up a few things of my own. But what I’ve learned is that I’m pretty impatient and very self-prophecy-ish. As soon as I write something down, I almost feel compelled to go do it, and so rarely have anything on my “list.”

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